Renaissance is a full line Ohana dealer. I have chosen Ohana because I feel they have the best balance of price, customer service and quality.

I have personally purchased about a dozen different brands to evaluate their quality and service.

How I evaluated the different brands.

As in everything else in life there are trade offs. Musical instruments are no exception. And like everything else you get what you pay for.

First was the build quality of their instruments.

Fit and finish, the set up from the source, and the overall feel of the instrument.

Sound. The overall sound of the instrument, the resonance and the tone of the instrument.

The "value" of the instrument. This takes into accounts all the factors, and are you getting the best possible instrument for your money.

Please search their web site and let me know what you are interested in any of their fine instruments or if you have any questions.

I have all four sizes of Ukule's to demo plus a Tenor Pineapple.

I have also added a TK 70 R(Tenor) and CK 70 R (Concert) solid spruce tops with Rosewood laminate back and sides so you can hear the difference a solid top makes.

I have a number of High end Ohana Ukes not kept at the shop and can brought in by appointment.

Again you can find all these fine Ohana instruments at

New to Renaissance Ukulele are the fine instruments from Lanaki.

They have a wider than usual neck and fingerboard. For those who feel crowded on a traditionally sized instrument, these might be just the ticket.

They are very well made, they don't have the range of instruments that Ohana has but the range is very good.

We have all seen pictures of huge Hawaiian dudes playing tiny little Soprano's and Concert's.

I can't do it, but these are just another option.

You can find all the fine Lanaki Ukulele's at

Demo instruments in shop at all times.

Ohana 14 series Mahogany laminate in all four sizes

Baritone, Tenor, Concert and Soprano

Ohana PKC-10


Mahogany (laminate)

Ohana 70R Solid Spruce top Laminate B & S in

Tenor and Concert

tk 14.jpg
pkc 10 pine.jpg
ck 70r 2.jpg

Stored off site, available by appointment with advance notice.

Ohana 50 ME Solid Cedar top Laminate Macassar Ebony

B & S. Tenor and Baritone. These are some of my favorites, the combination of fine Spanish Guitars.


Ohana TK-80 Tenor Solid Port Orford White Cedar top with solid Myrtle back and sides.

TK-80 FT.jpg

Ohana TK-80D Solid Sinker Redwood top and Solid Myrtle back and sides in Tenor.

Very exotic and unique.


Ohana BK-50 G in Baritone and Tenor. Solid Cedar (Cedro) top with solid Rosewood back and sides.

BK_50G 2.webp

Ohana TK-350 G All solid Hawaiian Koa in Tenor. Everything you would expect from a real Koa Uke, the sound of Hawaii.


Ohana BK-35GC all solid Mahogany Baritone with a cut out in a rare non electric version.


OK, just to show off a bit, OK a lot, these are some more "Limited Edition" they showcase just how amazing Ohana's world class artisans and craftspeople really are.

Limited Edition 75CG Series features an all solid build in spruce and solid flamed maple.  We've used mahogany binding paired with generous abalone inlay at the purfling, rosette and headstock.  A sharp Florentine cutaway adds drama and allows for easy reach of the upper frets.  Far more than just another pretty blonde bombshell, these ukuleles sound every bit as wonderful as they look!
I've posted extra pics of this series to show just how amazing Ohana's Ukes truly are.

TK-75 FT.jpg
TK-75CG BK.jpg
TK-75CG HEAD.jpg
TK-75CG CUT.jpg

Our all solid -470G is made to be played in spruce and rosewood. This tenor scale limited edition features a beveled comfort edge to ensure you’ll be able to play all night long. A perfectly elegant rosette in abalone and rosewood matches the overall aesthetic and is finished in high gloss.
There are only a couple of these left in Concert and are some of the finest Ukes you will find. Posting extra pics to show off a bit. These are Ohana at their finest.

TK-470G BK.webp
TK-470G FT.webp

Lanaki All solid Acacia. Koa species not grown in Hawaii.

Tenor and Concert, they have a wider than usual neck and fret board.