Humidifiers, strings, straps, tuners, you name it. If they have it I can get it.

I stock Oasis humidifiers, Ohana tuners and select Aquila and Oasis strings.

Both Ohana and Laniki offer a great variety of accessories for you and your Ukulele.

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Humidifiers are critical for any solid woods survival in New Mexico. The best I and many others have found are the Oasis.

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Ohana Ukuleles Chromatic Tuner CT-22


This functional, and often overlooked, little accessory will ensure you’re playing in tune, as the display turns green when the ukulele hits the correct pitch!

  • Easy to use

  • Clip- On mechanism

  • Chromatic

  • Auto Turn-Off

  • Compact Design

  • LCD Display

  • (batteries included)


There is no greater personal preference choice outside of the instrument than the strings.

Your personal playing style can heavily influence your preference in strings.

Also your instrument, some instruments will like one string better than another as the biggest part of the sound and tone starts with the string.

There are a lot of string choices in a lot of brands.

The basic styles or types of strings are synthetic gut and fluorocarbon AKA "Carbon"

The traditional Ukulele strings were "gut" strings and like many other stringed instruments, literally made from animal gut.

But as with other instruments gut is fussy, inconsistent and harder to get along with.

So synthetic gut strings were developed, mostly made out of a nylon like material.

More recently people have started selling fluorocarbon strings which are basically monofilament fishing line.

Synthetic guts are usually warmer and very natural sounding and some are way better than others.

Fluorocarbon are brighter and some say clearer.

The big advantage I've seen are in Baritone and some Tenor sets where gut strings use 1 or 2 wound strings on the lower note(s) (bass) strings.

Many people really don't care for the wound strings, myself included. Some feel they are not balanced sounding to the gut strings in the set.

Fluorocarbon strings are also thinner in diameter than gut strings and can feel like they are higher tension than gut. Some like them others don't. You can get sets of fluorocarbon strings without wound strings.


My personal favorite strings (so far) are Aquila "Sugar" strings. Kind of the best of both worlds. Warmer, richer and thicker than fluorocarbon and brighter, clearer and seem to stay in tune once settled better than gut strings.


One more note on strings. The standard tuning on Ukuleles are with a "High G string". You can also get sets in many strings with a "Low G string" which give a much deeper and warmer sound. Keep in mind many "Low G" sets come with a wound "G". So you might want to consider fluorocarbon sets.


Aquila Sugar string information can be found here


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A really cool video of Sugar strings

Aquila "Sugar" strings, maybe the best of both words ?

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