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Welcome to Renaissance Ukulele Works.
So, what makes us special and why should you buy your Ukulele from us?
Service, I personally set up every Ukulele I sell. Not just a quick once over, but a real setup. Fret level is checked and adjusted, the frets are dressed so they are smooth and rounded over. The nuts and saddles are set to ensure a comfortable playing experience.
I do this on every Ukulele I sell not just the higher end Uke's but even the more entry level Ukuleles.
Why? Because every Ukulele deserves a great set up.
Because if it isn't a joy to play you won't enjoy playing it. It's just that simple.
We sell everything at a no haggle MAP pricing plus shipping, if applicable.
Great service, great instruments, what buying used to be right here in Albuquerque.